HMH is remarkably creative in design and unusually sensitive to clients' needs and desires. Our house, after 10 years, continues to be a joy to live in and a source of inspiration.
- Jane and Dick

HMH melded together all of my aesthetic and functional requirements into a cohesive, unique reality.  All aspects of the project were managed well -- the design, overseeing construction and keeping on budget.
- Blake Curton
Compared to our neighbors and two sets of friends that have recently built custom homes, the HMH team was tremendously more efficient, cheaper, and produced a better product.  We love the house and I'm still sometimes amazed at it when I ride up the street early in the morning and the light is just right...
- Nick Wilder
From the moment we first sat in your conference room, I knew. Me wearing the "less is more" t-shirt, telling you I wanted to live inside a work of art, quoting Phillip Johnson's definition of good architecture: "Does it make me cry when I step in..." Your response "well that's going to make it easy." We both know it wasn't easy, but it worked and you created a treasure. The house let's me know every day that Dan and I live in a piece of art.
- Diane Rosenthal

Our experience with HMHAI was pleasant from start to finish. The project was a top to bottom remodel-transformation of our existing old & shabby kitchen/living room area, into a kitchen great room-open concept more suitable to our young family's needs. The design, execution and management of the project were all top notch. We used the HMHAI "in-house" Interior Designer for our project, which enabled a more collaborative, creative & cohesive design process. HMHAI is versatile in the scale of their services and do projects ranging from Commercial/Office, Mixed-Use to Residential Remodels & New Construction. I wouldn't hesitate to use HMMAI again, and intend to do so in the next few years as we gear up for the next phase of our primary residence rehabilitation. We believe HMHAI is a small, boutique firm which recognizes differences in people and tailors a unique experience to each individual client. Again, I can't say enough about Harvey and the Team, we loved working with them! 

- The Rheingolds
For years I have said, "You can't make a silk purse our of a sow's ear." Well, HMH did!
- Evelin Simenson

Thank you for listening, understanding and developing a design that appreciated both our space needs and our budget.
- William J. Starker

I have no problem putting genius and Harvey in the same sentence.
- Stephanie Rudy

HMH turnaround was invariably rapid, and their suggestions were crisp and effective - very important in today's competitive real estate market.
- Marcel Arsenault

I was really hesitant to hire another architecture/design firm when we were halfway finished with building our home but it was the best decision we made about the house. It was money well spent and we wished we would've met Harvey and Kate earlier. Thank you for making our dream home possible. 
- Jeanne and Warren Do
You all are the best! We are loving the house more each day. You all did really great work, and were a FABULOUS team supporting us as well. Thank you again for everything!
- Susan Bullwinkle and John Harris

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